Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cute Books

While we were in Prescott, a little day trip out of Jerome, we found this cute little shop called Trinkets.  They had the cutest stuff in their store and it had me in there looking around for quite a while.  The kids were sitting quietly at a cute little table just big enough for their little tooshies.    We continued to walk around the little shops that were in this area called Bashford Courts Mall,  a small 3 story shopping area inside a building.  You wouldn't have even known it was there if you continued walking down the street.   We went through all the stores finding something cute in each one of them.  After we were done looking around we decided to sit and grab a snack at the Prescott Brewing Company before dinner at The Asylum back in Jerome.  While I was sitting there enjoying our pretzels, I decided...  what the heck!   I am going back to that store to get that book I saw for the kids.   So when we were done we headed back there and I picked up this book, The Tickle Monster.  It is such a cute book and the kids really enjoy the tickling they receive while we read it together.   Then my mom picked up the other two books for the kids; Illustrated Stories for Girls and Boys.  The book has like 20 little stories in it perfect for little boys who love Pirates and Robots and the other has Princesses and Fairies.   And of course who could pass up the little stickers that you can put in the inside of the book with their name on it...   Love that store!  I gotta go back and pick up the gloves that I totally missed!     Watch the video on this site when it first comes up to see what I mean...

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