Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Eve

Our daycare provider had the kids dress up in their costumes today. Isabella is dressed up as Cinderella and little David is in a ghost outfit. Here are some pictures......

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sorry for the delay.....

Hello to my fellow readers. I hope everyone had a good week. I apologize for taking over a week to update the site.
Now that I'm back working again, I am pretty busy during the day. I don't have everything that will allow me to do my work yet, but I've been sitting with a co-worker and I think I'm catching on pretty fast. My first day I went straight to my desk unlike when I first started with PacifiCare when we started in a Training class. Well, they laid off 4 out of the 6 trainers they had and then the last two quit a couple months after that. So no more training classes. =) I really don't mind that I was one of the trainers who were laid off. I was 8 months pregnant at the time, so I got to spend the last few weeks with Isabella. Then when little David was born, I got to spend 3 months with him instead of just 8 weeks.
I'm really enjoying learning a whole bunch of new things. I hope I can prove myself and make a good impression with the boss. =) I guess I'll be a little bit of a kiss up for a while. =)

Isabella and little David are doing good. Isabella complains of leg pains and I don't know if it's growing pains or if it's something we should be worried about. She just had a bone scan with her last round of scans and nothing showed up, but it still worries me that she complains of pain all the time. I will probably mention it to her oncologist at her next visit.

Little David is getting big. You see him learning new things like.... wow, those are my feet! He's starting to bring everything to his mouth and drooling like crazy. He has rolled over to the side and is trying to crawl when we put him down for tummy time. I'll add some pictures with my next post.

Hope everyone had a great week and has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


3 Months Old Today!

3 months ago today, was the day our little man was born. He is getting so big and soooo cute. But like I say, I am bias! hehehe

I apologize for taking so long to update this site, for the whole 2 people that visit it on a daily basis. Come on, I know my family is boring, but I could use some comments people! Do we not know how this "blogging" thing works??? =)

Well, I have been pretty busy now that I'm back at work. Dealing with traffic again SUCKS ass! I'm looking forward to getting Isabella back in a preschool setting. It's nice to be with her during the day, but she's almost a year a way from Kindergarten and she needs to start learning more and more things. God, I can't believe that she's almost in school, it seems like yesterday she was just a little baby. I'll probably cry on her first day of school and she'll probably be ready to get rid of me. Oh well, that's the joy of being a mom! =)

I don't have any new pictures to add right now, but hopefully when I get home I'll have some time to upload some pictures.

Now that I have to get up so early, I'm learning that going to bed at 11pm isn't a good idea. Especially with a baby who wakes you up still every couple of hours during the night. Some nights he just likes to frustrate me and kick his legs around. I'm like, do you mind?!?! I'm trying to sleep here, and then I realize, oh yeah he's just a baby and he's probably hungry.... =)

Well, work is good. I don't have access to a lot of things yet, so I'm stuck not being able to do the work yet. But I guess I should enjoy these few days where I can complain that I have nothing to do, because that will change. =)

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday. Friday is almost here.....

Monday, October 16, 2006

Back to Work

Well today I was suppose to start working again, but I got a call last week from the recruiters at United/Pacificare stating that my criminal background check hadn't come back yet and that I was probably going to start on Wednesday. I ended up getting a phone call from my new boss this afternoon stating that they are ready for me to start tomorrow. So I'm finally going back to work. I will really miss hanging out with my two little friends.... =)

Here is a cute picture of Bizzle that I wanted to share. I absolutely LOVE her eyes.

Here is a picture of our future football player! =)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pumpkin Festival

Here is a cute picture of Isabella riding a horse at Schnepf Farms. Today we visited Schnepf Farms Chili Party and Pumpkin Festival..... after the game of course. =) We are very lucky that the park is only 5 minutes from our house. Many people make the trek from the other side of town to visit and drive over an hour. Well, finally there is something we can enjoy that WE don't have to drive an hour to. =)

For those of you who believe in ghosts, I've always heard people say that when you see the little orbs in your pictures that those are spirits floating around you. Please let me know what you think about that because I want to share this picture of Isabella in the pumpkin patch.......

Crazy orb action going on in this picture. At first I thought it was our other camera that we are using while my Canon still needs to be repaired. Because I only saw these orbs in that camera, but this picture was taken with my Canon. (It still works, just not the LCD screen) The farm has been there for over 100 years, so I wonder if there are that many spirits out there.

Cute picture of daddy and Charrito going through the corn maze. It was not fun trying to push a stroller through the corn fields. But it was fun trying to get lost in there.

Just had to share this picture of little Charrito. He is just too darn cute, but then again I'm bias!!! =)

Well, it's getting late and it's been a long day.... I'll post more soon. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My slide show....... enjoy

Hello everyone.... I just learned how to do this today, so I'm still working out some of the kinks. I don't know why some of the pictures show up with half the picture covered up.... I'm trying to figure that out. I hope you all enjoy it though.... it's pretty neat.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Beautiful Bella


Here is a picture of miss Bella possibly thinking about taking a nap. About 10 minutes later she was up running around taking pictures of her toys and her little brother. I will add some of those pictures a little later because she actually took some pretty good shots. =)

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Isabella's pictures

Tummy Time

I wanted to share some cute pictures of little Charrito working on his Tummy time this morning.

Monday, October 09, 2006

He IS still alive! =)

I'm talking about my cat of course....... We don't see him for weeks at a time the past couple of months. But he came by to say hi tonight so I took a picture to remember this moment. =) On Saturday night I heard him meowing outside of our bedroom window in our neighbor's yard, so I went out to try to get him to come by, but no luck. Later on that night before the fireworks show, David and I were sitting out on our balcony outside of our bedroom and I saw him walking on the top of the brick fences a couple of houses down. It was night time and I saw him walk past someone's window when they had their light on, so I only saw his silhouette. I knew it was him because he is the only cat I know that curls his tail. =)

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Go Philip Rivers!

I didn't want to post anything earlier about the game because I'm VERY superstitious when it comes to sports. The previous post you saw everyone in their Charger gear, but after the first quarter it all came off! hehehe

That was an awesome game!!! Those powder blue jerseys look soooo good on them!

Did you see this catch?!?!

How do they catch the ball and have the state of mind to keep both feet in bounds while they are falling to the ground?!?! This guy needs a raise! Wait, he already makes a ton of money.... ;-)

My last week home.....

Well, today is Sunday and that means this is my last week home with my two lovelies. The purpose of today's post is to share some cute pictures that were taken at the Ugarte Household. Not much to report today, other than I have started decorating for Halloween. Like I said earlier, I wasn't in to getting things out yet and I was kind of waiting to see if any of my neighbors would be putting decorations up. But they never did so I just went ahead and stared putting things out. The day after I put things out, sure enough the neighbors started with their decorations as well. I'm not saying that they waited for me....... but....... we did have the best Halloween decorations last year!! =)

Charger Fans for the Sunday night football game against the Steelers. Too bad Miss Isabella wasn't looking at the camera because we got a cute smile out of Charrito.

A close up of little David. This picture was taken by Isabella.

The sky above our house this Sunday afternoon. Shortly after this was taken we had a strong thunderstorm come through that brought some rain and a nice light show.

A picture of our dogs. Zoe is on the left and Spike is on the right.

A close up of Zoe's eyes.

As you guys can see, Isabella needs a new jersey. One because this one is a little worn and Two, because Drew Brees doesn't play for the Chargers anymore. =)

This is another one of Isabella's snap shots. I had to lean down otherwise the picture would have been of my belly. =)

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Family Day out.....

All together now.... awe..... hehehe I'm only messing! Today we decided to have a family day outing and go to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum on the east side of town going towards Globe. Here is a link to their website....

We arrived around 3:30 and the park closed @ 5 so needless to say we didn't have much time to have a leisurely stroll. But we did enjoy ourselves as we walked around the park and took some nice pictures of the scenery. I wanted to share some of these pictures with every one....

Here is a nice picture of a butterfly. David took all of these pictures. I think he is wonderful at taking pictures. I taught him well!! hehehe I'm only kidding. He has taught himself everything.

This is a BEAUTIFUL picture of a caterpillar... David should become a photographer!

If I knew what type of plant and bugs these were, I'd say a nice description of this picture, but unfortunately I have no clue.... maybe some one can leave a comment telling me what these are..... hint hint.... But this is another beautiful picture by Mr. David.

And look at this.... not every day do you get 2 pictures of me in the same blog! hehehe This probably won't happen again, so don't get used to it! ;-)

And here is a picture of my homies... the one of the left belongs to the 5-4 gang and the one on the right belongs to the 2-3 gang. It's not every day that we can get two members of this gang together so it was imperative that we get a picture to capture this momentous occasion.

And finally at the end of a long day of play, we rest!

Good nite everyone!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Friday Eve!!!

It's almost Friday!! Yeah! But now that I think about it, why do I really care???? I didn't have to go to work this week, or last or the week before that even. At first it was really hard for me to adjust to being at home all day. But now I'm used to it and guess what?........ I go back to work on the 16th. I am headed back to PacifiCare. It sucks that I won't be getting paid as much as right before I got laid off. Which sucks considering I haven't even been gone 6 months, so why can't they just reinstate my same pay?? Now that I'm going to have to pay for two kids in daycare, I really need what I was making before. $300 a week to have someone watch my kids is A LOT of money. That's why I wanted to stay home with them, it would save us money on daycare as well as gas and going out to lunch. But I still need to bring in money, we can barely survive with me just bringing in what I get from unemployment. They finally decided it was okay to pay me.....

Little Charitto, is currently sleeping in his swing. I have noticed that a lot of people have the same swing as we do. I saw a picture of my nephew and I noticed he was in the swing, my friend from PacifiCare has it as well, she had a baby in May and then I saw some pictures on someone else's blog and their son is in the exact same swing. I know this is probably stupid information to people who don't care, but I'm just writing to write....

I haven't taken any pictures the last couple of here is a picture of Isabella that I took on August 19th

I really don't have much going on tonight. I am sitting here watching David play is Madden '07 game on Xbox Live. I'll give you two guesses to figure out what team he always plays with, but you'll only need one..... Did I hear someone say the ....... Chargers?!?!?! LOL!!! How'd you guess???? Could it be that I drive around an X-Terra with Arizona license plates and a HUGE Chargers Sticker on the back???? I guess now would be a good time to show you guys what David had me take a picture of on our drive home one day..... This is to show that there are other crazy Charger fans out there..... let me tell you.... the sticker on the back of our X-Terra is bigger than this.....

Well anyways.... Here I am sitting here watching David play his Madden game online. He started this game around 7:15 thinking he would have enough time to play and then watch the new episode of "The Office" that started at 7:30.... well, let me tell you he was wrong. He had spent so much time and effort into this one game he played against some unknown person who had chosen the Baltimore Ravens (whom the chargers had just lost to over the weekend, we don't speak of that game around this house) that he lost track of time. The game kept going back and forth, David would score, this other guy (or maybe it's a girl, why do I automatically think it's a guy on the other end...?) would score. The game was going to be won by whom ever had the ball last.... and then... the connection was lost.... He was mad because the connection was lost @ 8:02, The Office just ended 2 minutes ago...

Monday, October 02, 2006

October Already!!!

I can't believe that it's October already. This time last year I already had my Halloween decorations up. This year I have two pumpkins sitting in front of my garage door. I don't know that I'll do more than that. =) It's not that I'm not into it this year, I just don't feel like hauling everything out of my garage yet. And when it's still 100 degrees outside, it doesn't really get you in the pre-holiday mood.

Well, I can't wait for the Pumpkin and Chili Party at Schnepf Farms

Every year they have fireworks on the nights that they are open, which are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And since we live not even a mile from the farm, we get a treat to see fireworks from our back yard every weekend in October. We are truly lucky. =)

This year they have this huge haunted house set up, the link is below. It actually sounds pretty scary to me, but then again I scare easily! hehehe Make sure you check out the link below, you enter the site and it starts a trailer about the Haunted house.

I hope everyone gets the chance to go to Schnepf Farms and the haunted house this year. I don't know if you all saw on the news, but they have a corn maze and every year the farm pays tribute to a certain celebrity..... if you didn't see it on the news, here is a picture of it..... can you see who it is?

A cornfield maze likeness of outgoing Diamondback Luis Gonzalez at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek.

Picture courtesy of.....
Mark Henle / The Arizona Republic

Here is a cute picture of daddy showing how strong he is.....

Well, have a good week everyone and I will talk to you more later! =)


I just wanted to update the blog before I went to bed..... I was checking around my support group e-mails and saw that this little girl needs your prayers. Please include this little Neuroblastoma fighter in your prayers tonight and every night until she beats this horrible disease.... Here is her web site....

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another Football Sunday - San Diego -vs- Baltimore

Well today is the first day we get to enjoy Direct TV's NFL Sunday ticket. Sorry that I haven't updated the web site since Thursday. I hope everyone enjoyed some ice cream at Cold Stone for a good cause. It's always nice to give back when you have received so much from so many wonderful people.

Here is a cute picture of Isabella and little David that we took yesterday.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Nothing really exciting going on right now.

Hopefully I'll start working again this week back at PacifiCare. I've already accepted a position with them, I just need to find out my start date. The waiting game isn't fun, but oh well, at least I know I have a job now again. =) I think I will be sad about not being able to hang out with Isabella and little David all day. I really enjoy staying home with them, I just wish we could afford it.

Don't forget to post comments, I like to hear that people come by our site. =)