Sunday, October 08, 2006

My last week home.....

Well, today is Sunday and that means this is my last week home with my two lovelies. The purpose of today's post is to share some cute pictures that were taken at the Ugarte Household. Not much to report today, other than I have started decorating for Halloween. Like I said earlier, I wasn't in to getting things out yet and I was kind of waiting to see if any of my neighbors would be putting decorations up. But they never did so I just went ahead and stared putting things out. The day after I put things out, sure enough the neighbors started with their decorations as well. I'm not saying that they waited for me....... but....... we did have the best Halloween decorations last year!! =)

Charger Fans for the Sunday night football game against the Steelers. Too bad Miss Isabella wasn't looking at the camera because we got a cute smile out of Charrito.

A close up of little David. This picture was taken by Isabella.

The sky above our house this Sunday afternoon. Shortly after this was taken we had a strong thunderstorm come through that brought some rain and a nice light show.

A picture of our dogs. Zoe is on the left and Spike is on the right.

A close up of Zoe's eyes.

As you guys can see, Isabella needs a new jersey. One because this one is a little worn and Two, because Drew Brees doesn't play for the Chargers anymore. =)

This is another one of Isabella's snap shots. I had to lean down otherwise the picture would have been of my belly. =)

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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