Monday, October 16, 2006

Back to Work

Well today I was suppose to start working again, but I got a call last week from the recruiters at United/Pacificare stating that my criminal background check hadn't come back yet and that I was probably going to start on Wednesday. I ended up getting a phone call from my new boss this afternoon stating that they are ready for me to start tomorrow. So I'm finally going back to work. I will really miss hanging out with my two little friends.... =)

Here is a cute picture of Bizzle that I wanted to share. I absolutely LOVE her eyes.

Here is a picture of our future football player! =)

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Yasamin said...

good stuff girlie. I just got a call from Debra and yay for that. :) I hope you are happy there girlie. thats all I am gonna say.... I just hope that you're happy :P