Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another Football Sunday - San Diego -vs- Baltimore

Well today is the first day we get to enjoy Direct TV's NFL Sunday ticket. Sorry that I haven't updated the web site since Thursday. I hope everyone enjoyed some ice cream at Cold Stone for a good cause. It's always nice to give back when you have received so much from so many wonderful people.

Here is a cute picture of Isabella and little David that we took yesterday.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Nothing really exciting going on right now.

Hopefully I'll start working again this week back at PacifiCare. I've already accepted a position with them, I just need to find out my start date. The waiting game isn't fun, but oh well, at least I know I have a job now again. =) I think I will be sad about not being able to hang out with Isabella and little David all day. I really enjoy staying home with them, I just wish we could afford it.

Don't forget to post comments, I like to hear that people come by our site. =)

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Yasamin said...

did you see that crazy ass game!!!! oh my god! i was like "that did not just happen!!!"

lol anyway crazy stuff. ciao!