Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sorry for the delay.....

Hello to my fellow readers. I hope everyone had a good week. I apologize for taking over a week to update the site.
Now that I'm back working again, I am pretty busy during the day. I don't have everything that will allow me to do my work yet, but I've been sitting with a co-worker and I think I'm catching on pretty fast. My first day I went straight to my desk unlike when I first started with PacifiCare when we started in a Training class. Well, they laid off 4 out of the 6 trainers they had and then the last two quit a couple months after that. So no more training classes. =) I really don't mind that I was one of the trainers who were laid off. I was 8 months pregnant at the time, so I got to spend the last few weeks with Isabella. Then when little David was born, I got to spend 3 months with him instead of just 8 weeks.
I'm really enjoying learning a whole bunch of new things. I hope I can prove myself and make a good impression with the boss. =) I guess I'll be a little bit of a kiss up for a while. =)

Isabella and little David are doing good. Isabella complains of leg pains and I don't know if it's growing pains or if it's something we should be worried about. She just had a bone scan with her last round of scans and nothing showed up, but it still worries me that she complains of pain all the time. I will probably mention it to her oncologist at her next visit.

Little David is getting big. You see him learning new things like.... wow, those are my feet! He's starting to bring everything to his mouth and drooling like crazy. He has rolled over to the side and is trying to crawl when we put him down for tummy time. I'll add some pictures with my next post.

Hope everyone had a great week and has a great weekend!

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