Friday, January 21, 2011

3 weeks until our Victoria arrives

I meant to post this on Wednesday but that ended up being a really busy day at work and at home.   It was 3 weeks on Wednesday that our little baby will be brought into the world.     We know the date because it is a scheduled c-section...  so that's nice...  we get to show up and have a baby on a planned date.     =)

I don't have any current pictures of my belly but I'll have David take a good one that I'll allow to be posted for everyone to see.  This is a picture from the babycenter web site that I go to that tells me all about each week.   So here is what 36 weeks looks like and I definitely feel her kicking me anywhere from the ribs all the way down to my hips.    I'm thinking she is going to be bigger than Bella or David...  but we'll see.    
Baby, fetus at 36 weeks - BabyCenter
36 Weeks

I'll post some pictures of our trip tomorrow to the Tonto Natural Bridge hopefully this weekend.   We are going up there with a friend to take pictures and do some hiking.   Always a fun adventure.

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