Tuesday, June 26, 2007

South Lake Tahoe Fire

The news about this fire was absolutely devastating to me. I grew up in Reno, NV which is a 30 minute drive to South Lake Tahoe. I have spent many 4th of July's at this beautiful lake. It is very sad to read about how many homes have already been lost. Please pray for the firefighters and the many many residents that have been affected by this horrible fire.


The King's Mama said...

Hey Michelle,
Sorry to hear about the fire. But, those are some amazing pics. did you take those?

T-girl said...

Great picts!

Sigh, I live in the NW and in the woods so forrest fires are nothing new to me, I kind of think of it as a chance I take to live where I live. Doesn't Tahoe burn to the ground like every year though? Sorry, I don't mean that in the manner it sounds, it just seems like every year they have this major fire and these million dollar homes are effected.

I always worry about the firefighters too. Most of them are just college kids trying to make a little extra buck for the summer.