Friday, September 28, 2007

Miss Gloria Strauss - A new Neuroblastoma Angel

Anthony Strauss, 5, holds his sister Gloria's photo high as he rides on the shoulders of family friend Andrew Barfoot during Gloria's funeral procession Thursday. More than 2,000 relatives, friends, students and strangers attended the funeral and celebration for Gloria, 11, whose battle against cancer was documented in a Seattle Times series. Events were held in the gym at Kennedy High in Burien, where Gloria's dad is a teacher and coach.
© 2007 The Seattle Times Company

Doug Strauss is greeted by friends during the funeral for his daughter, Gloria, who died after a four-year battle with neuroblastoma.
© 2007 The Seattle Times Company

I found the two pictures on the Seattle Times news web site. A journalist of the Times has been writing about Gloria for the last four months and has about 12 stories in his series of articles. There are a couple pictures and slide shows of his time with her as well, which would bring tears to the coldest hearted person's eyes.

Here is a link to one of the stories and along the right there are the links to the rest of Jerry Brewer's time with this beautiful little girl.

Here is the YouTube Video as well...


Charli Ann said...

runs chills down my spine!

Anissa Mayhew said...

Although my daughter's cancer is leukemia, not NB, we are surrounded by young friends who are battling NB with every valiant fiber of their being. I just want to thank you and encourage you, as one cancer parent to another to keep up the good fight, keep raising awareness, keep touching hearts with your wonderful words. We live in the same city as Sydney Sims, one of the families of the Loneliest Road campaign and it has been a huge honor to know their family and to witness the depth of their devotion to funding treatment for NB. We keep all of the precious children of cancer in prayer, we pray for the healthy ones that cancer never touches their lives and we give a special prayer every day for the families who must face a future without their child.

I will be checking back on you all often, I laughed my head off at the highchair napper, I had one of those as well.

f.r.o.G...fully relying on God
---Anissa Mayhew