Friday, September 22, 2006

Blog - New to this whole thing, so please be patient with us

Isabella's first trip to Ensenada

Hello and welcome to our blog site. I am very new to this so bare with me while I learn how to make this site what I want it to be. I found this blog site through reading someone else's blog. Her name was Christi Thomas and she was a brave warrior who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma 4 years ago. Unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer last week at the age of 9. This is her web site :

I also want to use this site to give more timely updates on our little Isabella. I still have the other Caringbridge site for her as well.

I would like to let everyone know that Isabella had her scans at the end of August. She had her normal MRI and then she had the Bone Scan as well as the MIBG. We got word that one of the scans showed something different from before but that the MRI didn't show anything different. So it shouldn't be anything to worry about. At her doctor's appointment they tested Isabella's urine and blood. These are all normal tests that she has done every time she visits the doctor's office. The VMA level on her urine was a little high. VMA is a tumor marker that they test in the urine. The nurse told me that the normal level is 3.5 and her urine tested at 3.9 so the nurse emphasized LITTLE high. If it was urgent they would have us come right back to test it, but they said to just go have it tested again in 6 to 8 weeks. She said that the test is a little touchy so we shouldn't worry. But I can't help but worry especially when I read every day about Christi.

Going to the doctor this past time was very different. We were so excited that Isabella is now potty trained and we can have her go pee pee in a cup instead of either sticking a horrible bag on her trying to catch as much as we can while she is uncomfortable with this bag stuck to her private parts. The other way we would get it while she was under for her MRI, they would use a cath and get her urine that way. So this was exciting for us. Wow, we get excited over something so small! =)

Well, I haven't posted on her other site about her little brother.
He was born on July 19th 2006 at 3:37 PM. He was 7 lbs, 11oz and 20 inches long. I had him by c-section which is the way I had Isabella since she was breech. He just had his 2 month appointment this past Tuesday. He weighed in at 12lbs and was about 24 inches long. He is getting so very big! He looks sooooo much like his daddy whom he is named after as well.

Well, I hope you all enjoy this way to keep in touch with our family. Please feel free to leave comments and tell us what you would like to see on here.


Amanda Sensibaugh said...

I think this is a great site, a good way to keep in touch. Thank you for setting this up and for keeping me up to date.

Yasamin said...

Hey girl. I'm prayin for isabelle. you know that. I hope everything is on the up and up... im sure it is :)

remember.. she already kicked its butt once! ;p