Monday, September 25, 2006

Cute Pictures to share

I wanted to share a couple of cute pictures that I took today. I hope everyone is having a good Monday.

These are a couple of pictures that he'll hate me for later on in life. =)

Keep smiling!

Little Charrito Playing with his toys.

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Yasamin said...

Hey girl. you have 2 options to put video up. You can start a Youtube account ( or start a photobucket account ( i have a photobucket account. then both are very easy. the only difference between the two is that photobucket you can store photos on and youtube you cant. :)

Im completely ignorant when it comes to the whole cool blog thing. I know nothin of html. lol i googled how to use html and thats where i learned how to add photos to stuff and so on. nothing really spiffy. :)