Friday, September 22, 2006

Pictures of our trip to Ensenada - Labor Day Weekend 2006!

Here is a picture of the boys (and girl) when we arrived in Ensenada on Friday, September 1, 2006.

Isabella's first dip in the COLD Pacific Ocean!

She's not too stable on flat land, so needless to say, she took a dip in the water walking on uneven rocks. =)

Isabella & Daddy sitting on the rocks outside our home away from home.

Time to go snorkeling!!

Here is a picture of everyone in the water. Having a good time looking for crabs and some fish for dinner. Unfortunately all they came up with were a couple of Starfish. Don't worry, we tossed them back in. =)

Picture of the scenery....

Relaxing after a long day of snorkeling.

3 generations of David. =)

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Yasamin said...

OMG! good times girlie. you should really keep this blog up. it really rocks to use it as a way to track all your gravy memories!

tell everyone I said hi! and when they say who the hell is that? you said why... its yasamin! duh. lol