Sunday, September 24, 2006

Football Sunday!!

Well, our Chargers don't play today so we enjoyed watching the Bengals beat up on the Steelers.
There is a whole story as to why I don't like the Steelers anymore, but we won't go into that right now. =) The Chargers are 2-0 going into their bye week and they play the Baltimore Ravens next week.

We look forward to watching the Chargers play next week on Direct TV!! Since we don't live in San Diego anymore we don't get to see most of their games. So we opted to get Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket so we can watch them play every week. They better play good! =)

I wanted to add a couple of pictures that I took today of Miss Bizzle, little Charrito (our nickname for little David) and daddy today.

We also call Isabella miss Crazy hair as you can see from this picture.

Little Charrito

Daddy giving Spike some treats.

Picture of Isabella and David. Sorry it's not to great of a picture but, I wanted to post it anyways since it's one of the only pictures I have of the both of them together.

This picture is for the haters that say they never see pictures of me. This picture isn't the greatest either, because there is too much light in the background. But I know people will ask why there aren't any pictures of me on this site. =)

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Yasamin said...

Oh my god! did you see the cards play the ram???!!! holy crap what a game! we almost had their asses!! nick's totally walkin around happy becuase the stupid rams won. puh leeeze!! so yea it was football day at my house too! that and write my butt off day.

I am really glad you keepin up with this thing girlie! I'm gonna link you on mine so you get some publicity. not that there are many who come look at mine lol

anyway nick says "DAMN! she's got the that NFL sunday ticket with Direct TV?" he hates you now. hes so bummed. lol damn us for having cox.

ps can your kids get any cuter? ;p