Saturday, November 04, 2006

Beautiful Pictures

You can click on the link above to see beautiful pictures of a girl who had Neuroblastoma. Her eyes remind me of Isabella.


T-girl said...

Aw, what a bueatiful little girl! She is going to be a gorgous woman!

T-girl said...

It's me agian! LOL

I just read your side bar of your daughters journey! She is GORGOUS, what a cute little bee. I am so sorry for the hardship you have gone through. I am always amazed at parents going through something so devistating as this, I am not sure I would be able to do it. It is crushing to think of my little girl scratching herself let alone fighting for her life. It breaks my heart to think of any parent facing this, let alone the frustration of a little person dealing with something they don't understand, it must be so scary for them. I will keep you all in my prayers.

OH and congrates on the new little man!!! (I know I am late but you just found me and in turn I just found you! LOL) Children, as frustrated as I get sometimes, are such a blessning and miricle. I hear mine now... stuck somewhere she is not suppose to be... as normal... sigh... I am learning the counting tech. my mother used as a child was more for her then me! LOL

Hugs- T

Michelle Ugarte said...

Thanks for stopping by! =) I got to your site through Scottsdale Princess. I loved the pictures of your little one's halloween costume. I will stop by more often to see how you all are doing.
Thank you for your words of support, Isabella is doing great. She just had an appointment today with her oncologist and everything shows normal. Other than she's a crazy child! hehehe I will write more about it right now in my post.
Thank you again! =)