Friday, November 17, 2006

A picture to share.....

I would like to thank David for taking the time to post what he felt when we were going through that first week. It's nice to hear how he felt, because I can just assume he felt a certain way and I could be completely wrong. Who knows, maybe I'll find out I don't know him as well as I think I do. =)

Well, I wanted to share this picture of Isabella that we took shortly after getting home from the hospital. It was one of our first attemps at giving her a shower with her broviac in. She was no longer allowed to take baths becuase the line could get infected and that line was right next to her heart and we did not want to take any chances. The nurse at the hospital gave us a few pointers in trying to cover it up with Saran Wrap or a plastic garbage bag. Trust me we tried everything and I was sooooooo perinoid about getting it wet. Now that I look back, I don't know how we ever got her clean! hehehe

I remember that David and I were working our schedules around her chemo treatments. I started working 4 days a week for 10 hour days, so I could have one day off during the week, but not have to worry about not getting paid for that time. This picture was taken one day that David was home with Isabella. I remember him sending me this picture at work and I was thinking he did a good job covering it up. =)

excuse the nudity..... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

wow that pic is so gonna come in handy when she brings home the first serious boyfriend. lol

thats it... just keep the ammunition handy so by the time shes 21 she'll wanna join the convent. lol

T-girl said...

LMAO I am with Jasmine! I like the look on her face too. Kind of like "hey buddy you think you want to wash me here? Not sure how this is going to work but you seem to be the einstien of THIS operation!" LOL VERY cute!