Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lunch for Life Giving Tree - Isabella has a Tree!! =)

Here is the link to Isabella's Tree - Giving Tree

This year, Lunch for Life is getting into the holiday spirit! Thanks to the efforts of CNCF and an anonymous donor, your giving will translate not only into desperately needed research dollars, but also into gifts that will brighten the lives of these children. And one child will receive an all-expenses paid dream vacation to Walt Disney World, with the help of some incredibly generous donors .

Here’s how it works: Each child has his or her own virtual giving tree, and your donations will decorate those trees with ornaments and (ultimately) presents. Every donation has three effects: 1) the tree of your choice receives 1 ornament for every $5 you donate; 2) every donation generates a Giving Code which can get you bonus ornaments when your friends type it in; and 3) each ornament placed on a child’s tree creates one entry for that child into our Disney World giveaway. For example, if I donate $15 to a specific child’s tree, then that places 3 ornaments on his or her tree, creates 3 contest entries for that child, and generates a Giving Code for me to pass along. When a tree is full (500 ornaments), those ornaments transform into a present underneath that tree, and the decoration process begins all over again. For each present, the family can elect to receive one of several donated prizes for the child (including board games, stuffed animals, a gift card to Toys R Us, or even the ability to turn multiple presents into a portable DVD player or other bigger gift).

The Giving Code allows you to earn bonus ornaments for a tree by passing on the code to your friends. They will be able to donate their money in honor of any child they wish, but by entering your Giving Code, your chosen tree will receive a bonus ornament for each ornament they donate. For example, when I donated $15 in the earlier example, I received a Giving Code of 123456. I emailed that to several friends with the encouragement to donate to a child’s giving tree, and told them to enter my code so I’ll get bonus donation credit. One of my friends gives $10 toward a different child’s tree, which buys 2 ornaments for that tree, but because he entered my code while making his donation, it places 2 more ornaments for free on the tree I chose. He’ll then get his own code that benefits his chosen tree, which he can pass onto his friends, and so on. This way, for every friend or family member you get to donate, you’re giving that much more in prizes and contest entries to your chosen child. Talk about happy holidays!

Finally, on December 25th, we will hold a virtual drawing, where each child has a chance to win the trip to Disney World. For each $5 donated in that child’s name by midnight Pacific time on December 24th, he or she will receive 1 entry in this drawing. For example, if $5000 total was donated in a child’s name, then that child would have 1000 entries in the contest. Each entry is assigned a unique number, and the computer will randomly select one of those numbers at Noon Eastern time on December 25th. We will post the winning number to the website immediately following the drawing, and the child associated with the winning entry will receive a free, all expenses paid trip to Disney World, including airfare, lodging, tickets to the theme park and shows, special front row and backstage passes, and many, many other perks!

Remember, now your lunch money can help save these children’s lives by funding scientific research on Neuroblastoma, while also bringing smiles to their faces with their own virtual trees and real presents. Please help make these holidays special for these wonderful children in need.

Disclaimer: Because we live in a litigious society, some rules and conditions apply. For purposes of the presents and the contest, credit will be given only for those cash, credit card, or PayPal donations processed before midnight Pacific time on December 24, 2006. In the case of personal checks, the funds must clear to the official CNCF-designated Lunch for Life bank account prior to the December 24th deadline in order to be credited toward the creation of ornaments/presents or contest entries. This means you should get donations in early to make sure they count for contest purposes. For a list of full contest rules, click here.


The King's Mama said...

Hi Michelle!

Hope your Tgiving went well and that you're well into your Xmas shopping. Jason and I have only done some shopping for the king although I know what J wants. He usually send me a pic over email with a subject line that says "Xmas for Jason." Doesn't leave much to the imagination but he gets what he wants and I don't have to guess.

What are you guys doing for the holiday?

T-girl said...

Michelle... this is such a bad time of year for me for giving, I want to and I am going to try to swing it but... did you see the post... yeah he is still holding that over my head! LMAO If not, do you all do something at other times of year? I would love to donate... I will try... do you mind if I post something on my blog about this? I would love to link it so others could see it, it is such a good cause! Let me know if it is ok!

Hugs- T

Michelle Ugarte said...

Kings mama: We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you! =) It looks like you guys had a great time. I've started some of my shopping and will probably finish it up this week. I hope 'The King" has a wonderful 1st Christmas. David gives hints of what he wants and is usually what he gets. It doesn't leave much room for surprise either. But at least I know he'll like it. =)
Hope you guys have a good Christmas.

T - I would love it if you added The Giving Tree to your site. Not only for Isabella but to raise awareness to Neurblastoma. There are a bunch of us out there trying to get this horible disease more in the public spotlight in the hopes of finding a cure someday. It is really sad to see all of the kids out there deal with this cancer and we don't win the fight with a lot of them. Lunch for Life is a great organization that is helping all the families that have been affected by NB (neurblastoma). Don't worry about donations, I'm just trying to spread the word! =)

Much love to you and your family!


Michelle Ugarte said...

Thank you MOM!!! AWE! It brought a tear to my eye to see that you donated to the Lunch for Life organization in Isabella's name.

THANK YOU!!!! =)

Scottsdale Girl said...

I posted a post for you my dear sweet thing

Michelle Ugarte said...

you are too sweet! Thank you!

Osiris said...

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