Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our Christmas Tree

Here is a picture of our Christmas Tree. Funny story actually..... well maybe not so funny. =)

On Friday I decided that I wanted to get our tree. This is Friday, December 1st mind you.... So I know Wal-Mart has a 9' tree that I wanted so instead of driving down there I call first to see if they have any left. The associate quickly tells me no. I hang up and call another Wal-Mart, and again I am told no. So I decide to check out any other stores online for 9' trees. I see a nice one at Home Depot for $199 and it is 9 1/2 feet. Yeah, so I call my nearest store, the assosicate laughs and says no he doesn't have any left. I call the second store, and the guy was quite rude in telling me no. I call the next store, this lady was really nice so I asked her if they were going to be getting anymore of the 9' trees. She said she didn't think so because their distribution center was all out as well. So I go down the list of like 9 stores on my side of town, I'm down to the last one on my list and David tells me to just give up. I tell him it's worth a shot beucase it's the last one. So I call and he tells me they have like 3 left. By now it's 8:15 PM and for those of you who don't know where we live, we live in the boonies and this store was about 30 minutes away easy. So I knew we weren't going to make it in time becuase we still had to get everybody in the car and get there before they close. So I asked him if he could put my name on one and I'd be there when they opened. He said sure and that they opened @ 6 AM. I was like, great! I'll be there @ 5:55. So I hung up the phone and told David what time we had to be there by and he was like....."I was looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, now we have to get up and leave before the time we normally leave during the week!" Oh well! The things we do so our kids can have a nice Christmas! hehehe So I get up on Satuday and just throw on some clothes and I was planning on going by myself until David woke up and said he'd go with. Which was nice so I had someone to talk to on my 30 minute drive. =) There we are driving at the butt crack of dawn to get an artificial tree and the thought comes to my mind that it's only DECEMBER 2ND!! I was trying to find a tree on DECEMBER 2nd, not DECEMBER 20TH!!! The stores were completely sold out of trees by the first weekend of December. I couldn't believe it. The hype of Black Friday makes people who don't shop on that day buy their stuff WAY in advance. Because if they wait until after BLACK Friday, there will be nothing left! I almost turned into Griswold! hehehe No not really. So that's how this tree came to life in our house. At least next year we won't have to do this! =)


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T-girl said...

OH SO FUNNY!!!!! THAT is a fake tree??? It looks beautiful! I think we are doing a fake one this year ourselves- I have one from my mom in the garage, although I love the real ones and well we live in Oregon so they are cheap I honestly hate watering and cleaning up after the sucks. I am still finding needles from the one last year! LOL You did good though, it is lovely and so pretty... much better then mine, mine always ends up looking like the victim of a tragic farming accident since someone refuses to give up his orniments form the single days but... it makes him happy so I live with it!