Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Litte David's first try at eating Rice Cereal

Here are some cute pictures of Charrito trying to eat cereal from a spoon for the very first time tonight.

I don't think he was liking it too much! =)

Now don't be rude.... close your mouth when you eat. =)

awe, forget it mom. I just want to munch on the spoon.

And we can't forget about little Bella!! =)


T-girl said...

SOOOOOO cute!!! I miss babyfood smiles... they are the best! Well for today!

Bella looks like "oh yes, I will smile and pretend this is good but as soon as you take the pict I am spitting out!" VERY cute! LMAO

The King's Mama said...

Ah, I see you make the cereal runnier than I do. Should I be making it runnier?

Mine usually looks like spackle. Am I spelling that correctly? :)