Sunday, December 03, 2006

Little David enjoying a nap

Just wanted to share this picture really quick of little David enjoying his nap. I have to get a picture of him when he wakes up because he has a cute little outfit on today. BTW, for those of you out there who don't think it gets cold here in Phoenix..... last week at my house it got down to about 28 degrees in the morning! That's darn cold for Phoenix people. Our blood is used to the 100 degree days which I am soooooo looking forward to already! =) Posted by Picasa


T-girl said...

Is he not the cutest!!!!! Sigh... I miss the swing, I would give my left leg to throw her in one for five minutes and have peace! LMAO

Michelle Ugarte said...

I know what you mean! Thank God for this swing sometimes. It gives me a minute to get things done. We used to not strap him in because he didn't wiggle around until one day he wasn't having the swing and he was arching his back so much he almost fell out! I'm such a bad mom! But he's strapped in every time now! =) I know he'll be crawling soon and the swing will loose it's luster so until then, I'm getting my monies worth! hehehe

The King's Mama said...

Ah, yes, loss of swing luster... I know what you mean. Etienne makes this "I'm annoyed" sound in it now and so it's been exiled to his room which doesn't get used really anyway.

How old is David now? (E just turned 6 months in November).