Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brave NB Fighter needs your prayers

A little girl was just diagnosed with High Risk Stage IV Neuroblastoma on August 29th of this year. Please take a moment to go to her site and read her story and keep her in your prayers.

Ila Jean "bean"

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle--Thanks for visiting my blog. I lurk on the N-Blast listserve and I've seen your posts there. In fact, it was one of your messages that lead me to the American Cancer Society button that I now have on my sidebar. I'm so glad that your darling Isabella is doing well. May her scans stay clear!!! And your little David is adorable!

Yes, I made those items pictured on my blog. I tend to have some obsessive tendencies and they are currently focused on knitting.

Good luck with your lemonade stand plans. We found that it could be as big or as little of a production as you want to make it. We had our official family stand that we advertised and worked to publisize in the local media--then the next day my boys (aged 10 and 8) set up a stand on our street with the leftovers. They had great fun and made a bunch of money, too. So don't worry about trying to do some major event. I know that with little ones, it can seem daunting. Just do what you can and it will be good.

yas cant log in stupid blogger said...

awww i will definitely say prayers. :)