Monday, December 04, 2006

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by my good friend T. She calls it a writers block, I call it a good thing to post on a slow news day! hehehe

• A-Available/Single? No, married to my best friend!
• B-Best Friend? see the answer above.... =)
• C-Cake or Pie? MMMMM- Cake... or if it's Cheesecake.... is that a pie or cake????
• D-Drink Of Choice? Pepsi or Coke - no real preference. Water and when I'm not nursing my son anymore.... Kahlua and Milk, not quite a White Russian
• E-Essential Item You Use Everyday? Blow dryer - I really want to be more girly with make up, I just never really learned how to put it on correctly so I end up looking like a clown! =(
• F-Favorite Color? Green, blue and purple
• G-Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy worms are pretty good if I HAD to choose between those two.
• H-Hometown? Reno, NV
• I-Indulgence? Buying things for my family
• J-January Or February? February - Valentine's Day!! =)
• K-Kids & Their Names? Isabella Rose (3 yrs) and David Givens (4 months)
• L-Life Is Incomplete Without? My family! I will leave T's answer on this one because she said what I was thinking and said it better than I could have! =) When you have kids it's funny how before you have them you can not imagine what life will be like with them and after you can't imagine how you could have any sort of life withOUT them!
• M-Marriage Date? Dec 30th
• N-Number Of Siblings? A step-sister Amanda
• O-Oranges Or Apples? Oranges
•P-Phobias/Fears? My kids not loving me or me doing a horrible job in raising them
• Q-Favorite Quote? I really don't have a favorite quote I'll have to think about that one and get back to you all! =)
• R-Reason to Smile? My hubby loving me each and every day even though I know I'm not the best wife out there, my daughter Isabella for beating cancer at the age of 2 and my little boy whom I'll wake up too smiling at me in the morning. =)
• S-Season? Believe it or not, the summer here in Phoenix. I love being able to use our pool and I hate that it has to go out of commision during the winter months. I need to get a heater for the water that way we can use it all year around.
• T-Tag Three or Four People? Yasamin and the Kings mama! Isn't that sad, I don't even have 3 cyber friends to TAG! =(
U-Unknown Fact About Me? Hum! Unknown fact! That is hard since I like to talk and talk a lot! I don't think anything is unknown! (I kept T's answer on this one too, because I'm the same way!!)
• V-Vegetable you don't like? Pees, I can't stand them! =)
• W-Worst Habit? Talking too much... WAY too much... (kept T's answer again) ;-)
• X-X-rays You've Had? I don't think I've had any other than X-Rays on your teeth. I'm pretty healty so far in my life..... knock on wood.
• Y-Your Favorite Food? I like mexican and I'm not talking about Taco Bell either! =) When you are married to a hispanic, you learn what real mexican food is like. I keep telling him that I'm becoming more and more hispanic every day. I want to put salsa on EVERYTHING! =) A little something extra.... Isabella was eating some tacos this weekend and would only take bites if we loaded her up with salsa!! Let me tell you, this wasn't your grandma's salsa either, this was pretty spicy and she was eating it up like nothing! Even the workers were shocked.
• Z-Zodiac Sign? Virgo

Hope you all enjoyed this little tid bit of information about me. =) Have a wonderful MONDAY!!


T-girl said...

LMAO... you are too much girl!

T-girl said...

I forgot to add... yeah, I think I am turning into a latina myself thanks to the hubby. If I can just get the whole dramady and able to dance thing down i will be set! As the hubby says "you dance like a whitegirl!" Maybe because I am? LOL

Your answers really scared me btw- are you spying on me? LMAO