Thursday, December 21, 2006


The Boy of Steel is a book about a little boy who was diagnosed with cancer. On the NBlast list serv (Neurobloastoma Support group) that I'm apart of, someone said that this boy had Neuroblastoma even the the summary of the story says he had brain cancer. Neuroblastoma can spread to the brain as well.

The Boy of Steel

Go to the web site above and read about the story. I've heard it's an amazing story and plan on buying it myself.


Yasamin said...

oh my god thats huge news!!! lets hope it works as well on us as it did on the mice. ;)

and email me with your email that your signed up on here with so i can set you up to be a team member for the Sistahood of the Traveling Cramps.

thanks for volunteering. its awesome. :) we can talk womanly crap all we want. ;p

T-girl said...

LMAO... Travelling Cramps... do I WANT to know?? LOL

Thanks for the book suggestion- the art work is really nice in it also (I am big on quality books with good artwork- I figure I don't like to read crap adult books why would my kid want to read/look at crap kids ones? LOL)