Monday, December 18, 2006

Two new Chargers players to be starting this week against Seattle

Little David preparing for the big game this weekend.
Isabella is done with Cheerleading, she wants to be IN the game! hehehe


T-girl said...

LOL!!! I laughed so hard when I saw these they are SO cute! What is cutest is they appear to be wearing the exact same expression! LOL

So I take it you are a Chargers fan? LMAO You and my hubby- he is from there and he thinks they are just the cats meow! Actually I am a fan myself but "shhhhh" don't tell him I like to mess with him- it is a great fun! LOL

Michelle Ugarte said...

We lived in San Diego until July of 2004 when we moved here to Phoenix to be able to afford a house. My husband is the big Charger fan, I drive around PHX with a huge Chargers lightning bolt on the back of my car. I'm sure everyone who drives by me on the freeway thinks I'm a guy.

That's cool to see there are more fans!! =)

T-girl said...

OMG! We HAVE to talk! LOL Where in SD? Hubby is from Rancho SanDiego... outside ElCajon towards Jamul! LOL Yeah... that is why we live here, why his sister just moved here and his parents are about to retire here! Cost of living is rediculous!

Michelle Ugarte said...

We lived all over. I first lived near SDSU, then we moved to the Ghetto and then we moved to the not so Ghetto part of La Mesa, then we moved to my favorite part... It's called San Carlos, it's between Santee and La Mesa. Beautiful area by Lake Murray. After that the only place we could afford to buy a place was in Vista up by Oceanside. I miss seeing the ocean everyday on our commute to work, but I don't miss the traffic and the fact that we came home to a 900 square foot apartment that was converted to a "condo" and was not worth the price we paid for it.

The only thing about living here in Phoenix is we don't get enough rain for my taste. I really enjoy the rain and the change of seasons. Here we get a really hot summer that lasts about 4 months, then fall lasts about a month before it starts to get REALLY cold at night. Then it starts all over again next year. I keep telling my husband that we are going to have to move where it rains more when we are done living here in Phoenix.

T-girl said...

Lol I know Vista well- my cousin lives there! San-tucky... know that well also, SIL was living there before she moved out by the in-laws! BIL lived in La Mesa (ghetto part until he got married- the the half ghetto part when she said "I don't think so!") Move up here- we have LOTS of rain, we have so much we get sick of it. I know the feeling though we were living in NM before here. Hubby wanted to move back to AZ (he was out at Luke for 3 years) but I said "NO! I am done! I want seasons!" LOL And here we are back in the NW! Small world isn't it?

The King's Mama said...

Okay, that pic is worth money!

Could he be cuter? How can we get this pic up on every webside everywhere?

Have a good holiday! If you're ever in Los Angeles, let us know... we'd love you have you over.

Michelle Ugarte said...

Yes it is a SMALL world! "it's a small world after all..." STOP IT!! **smack myself** Those kid tunes just stay with ya! hehehe

anyways.... someday my hubby will let us leave the desert. It was actually my idea to move here since it was affordable. But I've always told him, he has his desert now, but he will give me my pine trees again. I grew up in Reno, and we got snow there and I would always spend the winters up at Lake Tahoe. Oh how I miss Lake Tahoe! =)

KINGS MAMA: Next time we go visit David's grandma in Chino we'll have to make time to go see you guys. Our two kiddos aren't that far apart in age and they'd probably love to have a "guys" play date! hehehe

Have a wonderful Christmas!

The King's Mama said...

Just noticed Miss Isabella in the helmet too. These kids are adorable. Are you guys going to have more?


T-girl said...

CHINO!!! I know Chino... it is close to Oregon and we use to stay there every year on the way to visit family down south! LMAO... sorry I am a total goon, I get so excited over the stupidest of stuff! LOL