Friday, December 08, 2006

Her name is Chassity.....

I know my husband hates it when I post sad stories. But this is another testament as to why it is so very important to implement early testing on all babies born in the U.S.

I visited this blog this morning : The Kevin Lee Show

From what I gathered from reading a little bit on his blog, he works in the medical community and I think he is around kids with cancer all the time. But like he said, he became really good friends with this little girl named Chassity. I left a comment on his blog asking if she had a website we could all visit to show our support for this brave NB fighter.

Here is the link to his post : My Visit with Chassity

Thank you all again for your support!!!

Kevin was kind enough to post a reply to my message on his blog. And he also left Chassity's web site :

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Kevin Lee said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for putting a link to my blog entry.

I have written a new post that is essentially a reply to your comments. It was longer than something I could just leave as a comment so it's a new entry on my blog. I also put a link to Chassity's Website.

So come visit again.

Thank you again... and I am truly happy to hear that your daughter is doing well and will pray for her continued happiness and well-being.

Kevin Lee