Sunday, December 17, 2006

Early visit from Santa!

Here is a cute picture of little David sitting with Santa on Friday night. Our daycare provider was able to get Santa to come down from the north pole for an early surprise for the kids. You should have seen the excitement in the kids when he walked through the door. Posted by Picasa

Isabella excited and not too sure about what is going on yet.

Isabella patiently waiting her turn to sit on Santa's lap.

Isabella looking at Santa as if she's investigating to see if he truly is the "Real" Santa. Little David has his arms open wide looking at Bella's Dora doll she just got from Santa and proceeded to open ON his lap.


T-girl said...

OH SO CUTE!!!!! SEE moments like this is why I have a kid and want another! SO very sweet!

I LOVE little man trying to snatch Dora- my Joci has been a huge fan of her since about 2-3 months old... God Bless Dora and her creaters I got many a shower thanks to her! LMAO

Bella looks so cute... she is not sure what to do with herself. Kids are too adorable. I love it! What a great babysitter- so many would never even think of something like this- how lucky your little ones are!

T-girl said...

BTW- I have no idea where she found him but that is a GREAT Santa... he looks like a picture!

Yasamin said...

dude how is it some babies love santa and some freak out!? you got one of the lucky kids. lol

hey email me at work tomorrow with your address. im finally sending out my xmas cards. :)

Michelle Ugarte said...

T - Yeah, when our daycare provider first told us about it, I was thinking in my head that it would be her husband all dressed up as Santa, but that was quite an event she put on. There were like 20 or more adults there with 20 kids running around her house.

Little David was only interested in getting whatever he could in his mouth! hehehe I was worried that he would spit up on Santa. He's had a problem with spitting up since he was born, so that's all I needed, was him putting his entire bottle all over Santa's red suit! After I had little David over on the floor with me and Isabella, then he did his projectile spit up. I just laughed and was glad it happened then! =)

Yas - yeah, we got lucky. Both of them are pretty good with Santa. This is the first year I think I've really talked about Santa with Isabella so she really knows who he is now! =)

I emailed you my address, let me know that you got it! I told Scottsdale Princess that you needed it to stalk her! hehehe Of course I was only kidding! ;-)

T-girl said...

I think she went to the North Pole and got him, he is great! That is so sweet of her, seriously! I use to watch hubbies co-workers kids all day and I was more likly to take and drop them off at the North Pole not bring Santa here! LMAO

How was Bella after? Did she chatter on? She looks so shell shocked, like she is not sure WHAt to do with herself but that excitement is about to burst from her at any moment! LMAO