Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 10th 2004 - the day after surgery

Sorry for taking so long to finish this story....

Well, the next day David and I woke up to a morning of not knowing much more than the day before. Neither one of us got much sleep that night. I know I was nervous the whole time listening to Isabella's heart monitor. If I remember correctly, she was still heavily sedated that night so she didn't move around much.

Isabella had the surgery the day before, but she was still scheduled for more tests. She needed to have a nuclear scan that would show if the cancer had spread to any other places in her little body. The doctors needed to perform all these test so they could map out her treatment schedule. If they gave her high doses of chemo but she didn't need it, it would cause more harm than good, or on the other end, if they didn't give her enough treatment. I remember sitting there with David while Isabella was getting her scan done and we told each other that we didn't know how much more bad news we could take. So we prayed that the news from the scan was good.

Well, we did get what we prayed for. Finally some good news. Her tumor did NOT spread!! =) It was only the one tumor and it had what they call good biology. Meaning that her tumor most likely didn't have the ability to spread. At this point we started to hear a lot of things we didn't understand at first. Like MycN Non-Amplified and Favorable Shimada. I have included a hyperlink to a website containing a ton of information regarding Neuroblastoma. We were truly blessed with the best case scenario. We just found out our daughter had cancer two days ago and we thought we were going to loose her, but then come to find out the doctors have a plan to beat it and beat it we will!!! =)

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