Sunday, January 07, 2007

Our Little Charrito

Here are the finished pictures of little David's haircut. I didn't want everyone thinking that we left him all funny looking. His new look has grown on me a little bit, but i can't wait to see his hair back.

At our daycare provider's house, some of the other parents thought she was taking care of a new baby.

He is sitting on his own pretty well now and he's trying to crawl. He's obsessed with the remote control lately and the fact that I won't let him have it. So I put it out of his reach and he keeps fighting to get it.

Here is little D trying to be cool with daddy's sunglasses. Nah, he really wasn't trying to be cool, he just wanted them off of his head already! =)


T-girl said...

AWWW he is SO cute!!!!!!!! I just want to eat him up... I am also glad to see I am not the only one fighting the war on lonely socks! LOL Joci thinks it is so funny to where daddy's sunglasses... we tease her so she keeps them on, she looks like Bono though! LMAO

Is that Bella in the background? LOL

T-girl said...

hum... that is suppose to be WEAR! LOL

Scottsdale Girl said...

If I wasn't 39 and totally OVER having kids my uterus would have exploded after seeing these pics

Yasamin said...

lmao!!! @ SG hahahahaa thats freaking horrible. haha

cute kid michelle! i swear he's gonna be a looker!

The King's Mama said...

I love the drool on his shirt. I was so against using a bib that Etienne's shirt was always wet! Then I would stuff kleenex or Viva paper towels and he would look even funnier.

He's getting cuter by the minute and I love those folds on his thighs! Those are some of the tastiest baby parts!