Friday, January 19, 2007

Scan Results are in.....

I just got off the phone with Isabella's Oncologist.....

Her MRI, MIBG and Bone Scan came back............ NORMAL!!

That is AWESOME news! We were a little worried this time around because her VMA levels on her urine came back a little elevated more than once. Then we were told that her NSE blood levels came back a little elevated as well. So the doctor decided to schedule some scans to be sure. It was almost time for her scans again anyways since the last time she had scans it was August. WOW how time flys! So it looks like we still get to stick with scans every six months this year and then probably starting next year we will go to scans once a year.

I thank God every day that she had the strength to endure chemo treatments at such a young age and to beat her cancer. Every day we hear of many little ones loosing the fight with this type of cancer and we definitely do not take our little Isabella for granted. She is a special part of our lives and she makes us laugh every day. We are grateful that we are able to live normal lives after going through weekly doctor appointments and chemo treatments once a month. I miss seeing our doctors and nurses as much, but in the same sense, thankful that I do not see them all the time.

We had the BEST team of doctors at Banner Desert Children's Hospital and I do not thank them enough for what they have done for us.


T's said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad! That is GREAT news!!!!

So do they know why her levels were off? Fluke or... hell I don't know! LOL Hopefully it is just a fluke or something! That is great news though!!!!

Michelle Ugarte said...

Thanks T! =)

We have an appointment on Monday to go over the details. So we will be asking that question to them and I will let you know! =)

Hey, I just noticed that your name doesn't say T-Girl, it just says t's... do we have another personality out there? ;-)

Jennboree said...

What a blessing! Sounds corny, but that news made my whole day better. A child is a child, no matter if you know her or not. :)

Jennifer said...

How wonderful!! Praise God for his blessings on your little girl. She is beautiful!! I also want to thank you for posting about my little Ila Jean. Every prayer helps!! She's living proof of that! Ila watched Isabella's cinderella video with me, she squealed with delight! She loves princesses!!


Michelle Ugarte said...

Jennifer, I am so glad to hear that your little Ila Jean is already home! That is amazing! I'm glad she enjoyed watching my little Isabella in her Cinderella outfit. =)

I wanted to write more about your little girl, but I was at work when I saw your post and so I just wanted to put it up really quick so that we could send prayers your way.

T-girl said...

Girl- That is from my G-mail, I have no idea WHY it did that except I had signed into Gmail and I guess it remembered! I need to link my stuff up!!!

BTW- You added a pict... that is really cute! They grow so fast! I want another... can you convince Hubby this is a Splendid idea? Everytime I start to get there someone goes and ruines it by having a tantrum or something! LMAO

Hugs- T

Scottsdale Girl said...


So glad to hear, I am just tickled PINK now.

Yasamin said...

yyyeeeesssss!!! *does the happy dance!* i can post a comment!
lol jk im glad her scan came back good. i'll bet you celebrated like crazy!! lol

louann said...

wow that's great great news =)
amazing too how we are blessed with a team of doctors and nurses who we become so attached to.
i love my mom's team of doctors and nurses.