Thursday, January 18, 2007

Prayer Request

Good morning!

Please go to this little girls site and read about her journy with Neuroblastoma. Her name is Ila Jean and she is a beautiful little girl!

Here is her site link : Ila Jean "bean"

She is having surgery this morning to remove a tumor and needs your thoughts and prayers.

***p.s. - I will be adding a picture once Blogger stops going so darn slow!! =)


Yasamin said...

awwww girl you know i'll light a candle. :D

Jennboree said...

Oh my...that just breaks my heart to see any child have to grow through cancer or other chronic illnesses. But sick kids are the most amazing. I will definitely say a prayer for her.

Michelle Ugarte said...

I just read this update from her mom....

"Ila Jean is doing great!!! Her surgery was a complete
success! They got out all of the tumor. We came home
this morning and she is doing just fabulous! Thank you
for all your thoughts and prayers! Next week will be
her last round of chemo before transplant. Wish us
luck!! - Jennifer"

That is awesome news guys! And thank you for the thoughts and prayers!! =)